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F ood Fund (Regional Food Fund MRA)  

Food Fund MRA (FF MRA) is an initiative of the Food Council MRA to create an independent thematic area fund (revolving fund) for the renewal of the food system in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. The fund is intended to support projects that contribute to more sustainable and healthy food and whose products are affordable for everyone. Such support can relate to all aspects of the food chain and to all types of activities.


FF MRA offers its services for the bundling of money flows, which are now conducted through various channels; such as targeted grants, neighborhood funds and legacies. In addition, the fund can be fed with contributions from stakeholders and contributions from sympathizers. The added value of a food fund is the coordination of various contributions to a coherent impulse to the necessary renewal of the food system, with the following keywords: cohesion and regional orientation. In the spirit of the Environment Act, the fund enables citizens to gain control over their food and the quality of the environment where the food is produced and consumed. The fund contributes to the accessibility of good food for all sections of the regional community. Food is understood as a common good to which each member can contribute according to his own needs.

Form and means


The fund will be placed in an appropriate legal form and managed professionally. Fundraising starts after the organizational foundation has been completed and the 'governance' has been fully worked out. This implies transparency, legal soundness, and reliability of governance and support.  


To date, exploratory discussions have taken place between the initiators and potential partners in 2018, 2019 and 2020; including banks, governments, philanthropic institutions, civic initiatives, consultants and high net worth individuals.

Contacts: Jeffrey Spangenberg, tel. 0650278920

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