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Food Desk Amsterdam

The Food Council has taken the initiative for a common workspace, a Food Desk. The intention is to offer common facilities there for collaborative food initiatives for meetings, marketing, coordination and research. This place should develop into a center for inspiration and co-creation for the future regional food system of the Amsterdam metropolitan region.


The parties below have expressed an interest in participating in a collective co-creation space, The Food Desk Amsterdam.


Food Connect Foundation

Program manager: Carlo Verhart

Food Connects is a platform that stimulates and supports relevant Agri & Food initiatives, developments, projects and parties in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. They connect the city with the region.

Slow Food Amsterdam (SFA)

Chairman: Jeffrey Spangenberg

SFA is one of the oldest food diversity and quality associations in Amsterdam. It connects eaters, producers and politics.


Ark of Taste

Project leader: Rene Zanderink

The Ark of Taste is a project that takes care of the endangered culinary heritage. It fights against the dominance of the global economy and the rule of the fittest. Entrepreneurship and a high-quality product play a central role.


Amsterdam Network for Food Planning (ANFP) 

Coordinator: Deirdre Fereday

ANFP is a network of young professionals and academics who have built up a network for food policy from the Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Studies (AMS). It organizes scientific seminars and undertakes education-related research. This network bridges the gap between knowledge and policy.

SLow Food Youth Network (SFYN)

Chairman: Anneluz Pijnenburg chairman

SFYN is a group of enthusiastic young people who want to change the food system from the bottom up in their own way. They build bridges between the ideals of young people and the reality of the existing food system.

The Food Commons

Tractors: Vincent Kuypers and Simcha de Haan.

Food commons are committed to building communities in cities, neighborhoods and neighborhoods for the production, processing, distribution, preparation and prevention of food waste. 

Collaboration Urban Agriculture Amsterdam (SSLA) initiators: Peter Duitman, Annet van Hoorn, Arnold van der Valk, Sem Roefs and Ron van Echteld.

SSLA is a platform-in-establishment for urban agriculture initiatives with legal entities within the municipality of Amsterdam or near the municipal boundaries.


The Food Desk is the core of a coalition of citizens' initiatives in and around Amsterdam. This coalition focuses on the following objectives:

  • knowledge circulation; make better use of each other's knowledge and network 

  • Social cohesion; fostering relationships between food communities

  • sharing economy; more efficient use of scarce resources by sharing resources 

  • Visibility; be accessible to citizens, companies and governments

  • empowerment; empowering initiators

  • Inclusivity; involve more groups that all too often fall outside the existing power structures

  • Co creation; stimulating cooperation from below

  • food democracy; help users and eaters regain control over the origin of their daily food

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